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OGC Off Road M416 Trailer - Post 1

Posted by Brody Dezember on
OGC Off Road M416 Trailer - Post 1

Introducing one of our newest builds. The OGC Off Road Trailer.

We bought this trailer back in June of 2020 to turn into an overlanding trailer with a roof top tent, water tank, off road tires and solar power. The trailer is a 1967 M416 military trailer. The person we bought it from said he received it from his Grandpa who sandblasted it and painted it about 20 years ago. It is in surprisingly great shape. The rust is just surface rust and should come off really easy. The tires seem original and are in bad shape, but because they are tubed tires they are still holding air.

We are excited to get to work on this over the next year and hope you follow along.

M416 trailerM416 trailer sideM416 Trailer bed

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